Volunteer Clearance Packet
2015-2016 School Year


Thank you for volunteering at Dingeman! In order to ensure the health and safety of our students, the school district has established volunteer guidelines and documents which must be processed annually.

Please be aware:

  • Forms may be printed from the links below and submitted to the front office when completed. Hard copy clearance packets are also available in the front office.
  • Please carefully read, complete, and submit all documents together as a stapled packet, as incomplete packets cannot be accepted.
  • Volunteers are automatically cleared after 21 days of submitting paperwork unless otherwise notified. If there is a problem with your packet or clearance status, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.
  • All volunteers must sign in/out at the front office and wear a volunteer sticker whenever on campus. Those who have not completed the volunteer clearance process will be considered as “visitors” on campus and will not be permitted to work directly with children or chaperone field trips.
  • Questions regarding volunteer clearance can be directed to Charlene Wright, Volunteer Coordinator at
    cwright2@sandi.net or (858) 549-4437 x164.
  • Questions regarding volunteer positions can be directed to FFC President at dingeman.ffc@gmail.com.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Read and adhere to the district’s Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Complete and submit the following stapled packet to the front office:
    • Volunteer Application
    • Copy of valid identification: Driver's License or State Identification Card
    • Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening by the SDUSD School Police Services (for overnight field trip volunteers only)
    • Overnight field trip volunteers DO NOT need to be re-printed IF their original fingerprinting was done between September of 2009 and now.  If the original fingerprinting was done within that time frame AND it was done at the district office (no other Live Scan venues are accepted), simply fill out The “Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening”  form and check the “Returning Category D Volunteer- Criminal Background Check” box.  The “Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening” form MUST be filled out and sent to the LiveScan office.  This form can be faxed to the LiveScan office for the background check and clearance, or the school is happy to turn it in for you.  However, if the volunteer HAS NEVER been fingerprinted by the district, they MUST go to the LiveScan office and get fingerprinted prior to participating in an overnight field trip.
    • A copy of negative TB test. [See TB Testing Locations.] Tests are valid for four years and should be valid for the entire school year for which you are volunteering, but must be re-submitted to the office annually with the Volunteer Application. (Please keep your own copy/record at home, as these are not stored by our office staff.)   Any of the following are acceptable proof of negative TB test:
    • Sign in or register on the FFC website (www.dingeman.net) and select one or more volunteer positions
    • Field Trip Volunteers must additionally submit proof of auto insurance to the classroom teacher before driving on a classroom field trip


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