Dingeman Fitness Programs 

Dingeman Elementary is committed to the health of the "whole child," both mind and body.  Every classroom grades K-5 participate in an outstanding physical education program where students are not only taught new physical skills but work on sportsmanship and attitude skills as well.  All grades receive direct P.E. instruction with a prep time teacher. 

Students are also encouraged to participate in a voluntary Cardio Club program before school (starts approximate 20 minutes before opening bell).  Children run or walk laps around the field adjacent to the whitetop and receive a ticket for each completed lap.  Five laps around the field is equivalent to running one mile, and for every 10 miles they can earn a treat.  Ribbons are rewarded for running 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles, and those students who complete 100 miles by the end of the year are invited to a party.       

Want to receive notification via text message when Cardio Club is cancelled due to poor field conditions? Text (512) 861-6185 with the message "@cardio". Then follow the instructions in the replying text message to complete your registration. Text "STOP" anytime to unsubscribe. Standard message rates apply.


Check out the new Dingeman P.E. website!   tinyurl.com/DingemanPE