Dingeman Elementary School opened as a K–5 in September 1995.  Dingeman became a K–6 school in September 2001, then returned to K-5 in September, 2007 with the opening of the new Marshall Middle School in Scripps Ranch.  In 2009, Dingeman’s total enrollment was over 800 students. 

Dingeman Elementary is proud to be the namesake of Colonel Bob Dingeman - affectionately known as "Mr.  Scripps Ranch."  Following his retirement from the military, Colonel Dingeman has dedicated his considerable talents and free time to the betterment of our community, with a strong emphasis on the local schools and education. 

Our goal at Dingeman is to ensure that parents, teachers, and community members are recognized and function as genuine partners in the education of all children. A variety of programs encourage collaboration in developing the highest expectations for the educational development of every child at Dingeman Elementary.


Dingeman Tiger Song:

We're the Dingeman Tigers and we're ready to rock.
We're proud of our actions, we're more than just talk.
We've shown the world, that we've got the best school.
No doubt about it Dingeman Tigers - We Rule!