Pledge Drive 


This has been a year like no other and we are thankful for all the hard work our community has shown, from the teachers and staff to the students and their families.  We are so lucky to have such amazing teachers and staff and an awesome principal! It is our community that sets us apart.  The FFC opted to delay our pledge drive at the beginning of the year because we felt that attentions needed to be elsewhere.  Behind the scenes, however, the FFC has been hard at work.  We allocated funds to pay for the supplies that students received at the beginning of the year, we approved teacher reimbursements and grade level grants with fewer restrictions so that teachers could enhance the distance-learning experiences of their students, we funded a number of supplemental instructional options so that our teachers have all the resources they need to facilitate the best possible learning, we involved the students in a monthly celebration our teachers, we organized a food drive to give back to our community… the list goes on.   

 The one thing that enables us to do all of these thing?  You!  YOU make the difference!  

 Your generosity is always astonishing and we are so thankful for your continued support.  It is because of that support that we are able to supplement enrichment opportunities, and create the Maker Space.  It’s why every student gets to participate in Art Corp and supplemental STEAM learning.  The FFC is not allowed to use funds for staffing but in helping Mr. Pedrotti with certain expenses, it frees up some of his budget so that he CAN bring in additional counselor support or additional library assistance or afford to have a nurse on-site for an additional day. 

100% of your support goes directly back into the school.  Every penny helps and no amount is too small. 

 So that we can continue to fund all of the programs that are so important to our school, we will officially begin our Pledge Drive next week.  Our donation process is simple and quick…          

(Please note that due to COVID-19, all pledges are on-line at this time).    

We are so grateful to those families who have already pledged their support. 

 Please email Shannon at with any questions.