Please see the minutes from the May 2021 FFC Meeting below:


Dingeman FFC General Membership Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

In Attendance:

Shannon Kellogg

Morgan DaVersa

Dusty Pedrotti

Peter Kuhns

Anthony Eusebio

Jessica Craig

Gloria Yoon

Cathryn McFearin

Hooban Forsman

Jessie Wong

Mary Russell

Corey Bernardo

Michelle Becker




I. Call to Order 6:31PM


II. Approval of last minute's meetings: Anthony Eusebio motioned to approve the minutes as submitted. Seconded by Mary Russell: Motion approved.



III. Board Reports


1. President - Shannon Kellogg: Pledge Drive Update, 2021-2022 Board needs to be elected next month. Committee will be formed for nominations. Teacher Appreciation: Informational updates and reports.


2. Vice President - Anthony Eusebio updates on yearbook. Photo/collage deadline will be 3/27.


3. Treasurer - Jessie Wong financial updates: YTD Jan.


4. Principal - Dusty Pedrotti: informational updates.


IV. Committee Reports


1. Family Dinner Night/Week - Cathryn McFearin: Updates: Next week staring Sunday 3/14-3/18 Yanni’s will host family dinner night. 3/31 Rubios Family dinner night. 4/19 M-F yogurt heaven.


2. Community Cookbook - Jessica Craig-Huynh/Corey Bernardo Updates and information on publication. Ideas for distribution: put the submission collected into a digital format, or print out a little booklet with a message and promoting it by distributing it to students with a message about our goals for this project.


3. Art Corp - Lisa Shadburn/Cathryn McFearin tentative date 4/6 in the evening to do another family art night. We would provide some of the supplies to families using grant money.


4. Yearbook - Anthony Eusebio


V. Old Business


VI. New Business


1. Website - Gloria Youn: proposal to update Website and change to another platform. This would increase the website line item from $200 to $350. The price of the new domain increases the cost from original of around $120/year to around $300/year. Motion to increase line item as stated above made by Mary Russell seconded by Hooban Foresman. Motion passed.



2. Welcome Back Event/Tiger Rally: †o be determined


Meeting adjourned @ 7:37PM